This morning, if you had walked up the HorseBack drive, this is what you would have seen.

She is a boat.

She is not just any old boat. She is the world’s biggest ocean-going rowing boat. (We really need a new word for boat.)

Avalon is on her way to Thurso. Tomorrow, she will set off from there to the Faroe Islands. She and her crew are raising money for HorseBack UK and the Scottish Association of Mental Health.

The journey involves three hundred miles of crazy seas. The highest wave recorded on that route was 106 feet high.

Buster Brown, who served in the Royal Navy before discovering that ocean rowing was where his heart was, became a friend of HorseBack in 2011. He knows a great deal about veterans and mental health, from inside and out, which is why he supports us and SAMH. He brought Avalon to see us so that we could wish her bon voyage. We salute her, and all who sail in her.