We love a success story at HorseBack and Twiglet today passed her first big test with flying colours. She is a home-bred, and when we started working with her she was spirited to the point of wildness. There was even some doubt as to whether she might prove suitable as a course horse. Working with complete beginners and wounded veterans requires a lot of steadiness and mental balance from a horse and not all of them have the right stuff.

Slowly, slowly HorseBack co-founder Emma Hutchison brought Twiglet along, teaching her to settle, building her confidence so that she did not need to panic when she encountered something new, letting her express that fine spirit in a positive way. This morning was Twiglet’s first time with a course participant in the round pen. She was gentle, willing and responsive. She did not put a foot wrong. All that work was worth it. We are very proud of her.

We love this picture because she really does look as if she is saying ‘Did I do well?’ And you can see from the look on her student’s face that she did very, very well indeed.

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