Today, the Scotland Veterans’ Commissioner came to HorseBack.

Visits like this are incredibly important for our work, and everyone put their shoulder to the wheel. We had many of our veterans with us, including some who go back right to the first days of HorseBack, and Eric Fraser spoke to them all. He was interested in every aspect of their service, their life-changing injuries, both physical and mental, and their recovery.

He asked penetrating questions about their experience of HorseBack and the part it plays in their ability to move on to the next phase of their lives. He particularly liked our emphasis on empowerment, a word which is high on his own list. At HorseBack, we think of giving the veterans the confidence to remember all their invaluable skills, learnt in training, honed in active service, which no roadside bomb or post-traumatic stress can eradicate. We simply give them the tools to help themselves.

Various demonstrations were put on, and the human and equine team were at the top of their game. Even the good old Scottish summer sunshine made a rare appearance.

We send out great thanks to Mr Fraser and his team. It was a tremendous day for everyone here, and we very much hope that they will come and see us again soon.

For more information regarding the Commissioner and his role, please visit: Website