Thank you to everyone who has asked whether HorseBack has survived the drastic floods.
Although we are far enough away from the River to be safe from the damage it has caused, we do however take the brunt of the rainfall coming off the hill at the rear of the farm.  Unfortunately the quantity of rain was so vast that the drainage systems in place were simply unable to cope.
Roundpen floods
Our arenas are flooded, including the indoor, and the field are awash but everyone is safe and the horses are fine.  The valley in which we live and work has been hard hit though, as the Dee burst its banks. Ballater to our west was inundated and Aboyne to our east suffered some catastrophic flooding.
New Year, like Christmas, is supposed to be a time of celebration, but it’s hard to get into the party mood when your home is under water. Our thoughts are very much with the people in our locality who will be struggling to raise a smile tonight. Luckily, this is a strong community and everyone has put their shoulder to the wheel. We are hearing many stories of kindness and generosity. We salute the emergency services, who have been out in force, staunch and dauntless. The rescue helicopters have been up and down the valley, along with police vans and fire engines and every possible emergency vehicle. The voluntary firemen and women have all been out, rescuing livestock as well as people.

In the face of all this, we almost hesitate to wish you a happy new year, but nobody knows better than the veterans who come to HorseBack about life going on and about looking disaster in the whites of its eyes. In that spirit, we send you Hogmanay greetings. We hope that your 2016 will dawn with optimism and hope.