Course Introduction


HorseBack UK is a charity set up to empower service personnel and veterans suffering from life-changing injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and to aid them on their road to recovery. Using horsemanship and exposure to the natural environment participants gain self confidence and self esteem amongst people who have experienced similar trauma.

The Need

In the last decade, giant strides have been taken in helping those who have undergone life-changing injuries which leave them with serious physical or mental challenges. The Para-Olympics and the Commonwealth Games have started to change entrenched attitudes to disability. At HorseBack we choose not to use the word disability at all, since all our focus is on what people can do rather than what they cannot.

The success of the first four years has allowed HorseBack to widen its remit. The charity is now dedicated to serving the wider community and is actively engaged with a number of civilian organisations, focusing in particular on children who are socially and academically disengaged. They come to us with a variety of problems, from chaotic home lives to learning disabilities. We treat them exactly as we would any other course participant, and the emphasis is on hard work and rigour. Just as with our military participants, they too need a sense of mission. The resulting sense of achievement is very touching to witness.

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