HMS Sultan, Leading Physical Trainer Kelly Gooch, is working hard to promote the benefits to health of the sport equestrian within the services community.

Kelly took a team from the Medical Department, HMS Sultan, to experience the therapeutic side of the sport in an afternoon of Equestrian training at Willowbrook Equestrian Centre, Hambrook. Each individual was given a basic introduction to riding, followed by a ride around the countryside.

It was an opportunity for those involved to overcome fears as one member admitted he was petrified of horses before mounting.

Kelly said,

“Equestrian is a challenging sport that involves riding an animal with a mind of its own.

“Additionally riding in a group requires teamwork and a lot of concentration as everyone has to be cautious and aware not to go too close to the horse in front or to get left behind.”

Equestrian is a challenging sport that involves riding an animal with a mind of its own.
Leading Physical Trainer Kelly Gooch

In addition to the event for the medical staff Kelly has been organising events including a Royal Navy and Royal Marines Grass Roots Camp and she is now looking at running the Isle of Wight Marathon on the 6 Oct to raise funds for Horseback UK.

Horseback UK is a charity which focuses on the rehabilitation of injured service personnel. They assist individuals in translating their military skills into civilian life, encouraging them to reintegrate into their local communities.

Kelly said, “As a rider myself I can appreciate the therapeutic side of the activity and can see why it helps in rehabilitating people. I would encourage anyone to get behind the work of Horseback UK and also think about giving riding a go for themselves.”