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HorseBack UK have grown to assist many individuals during their rehabilitation, some of which will require continual support for the rest of their lives. Our mission is to provide the best facilities and experiences we can for all of our soldiers. In order for our vision to be fully realised we must gather vast sums of money each year to sustain the HorseBack UK charity which delivers these amazing experiences.

Your support and that of your friends and family are core to our survival and growth. Please find below various payment methods which you can utilise to contribute to our cause.

1. Donate Now Online

3. Standing Order. Call Us for more info: 01339 880487

5. Donate by Cheque

Please make Cheques Payable to: HorseBack UK

HorseBack UK
Dinnet, Aboyne
AB34 5LD

6. Donate By Bank Transfer. Call Us for more info: 01339 880487

Leave a legacy

Your donations help us to support service personnel when they most need it. Help us to be there for more of our wounded service men and women by giving what you can. Remembering HBUK in your will means that we can confidently plan and fund further initiatives to guarantee that our wounded heroes will be looked after for the rest of their lives. Leaving a legacy to HBUK, no matter how small or large, will also be completely free from inheritance tax.