This week we put out a special Christmas appeal to those who had been on our courses, to talk a little bit about what HorseBack meant to them. It’s always much, much better to get the veterans in their own words. The response was very wonderful.

Here is the first message that came winging its way through the ether:

‘Coming up to Horseback for the first time was so daunting that I nearly turned round and went home but am I glad I didn’t. Being around my own kind and working with the best horses in the world showed and taught me that I can do things again things I thought I would never do. I can honestly say that Horseback changed my life around and as we come towards this seasonal time I’m hoping that the courage that I got back will help me through the 25th, a bad day for me. So thank you to all at Horseback and those magical horses. Season’s greetings to you all and my best wishes for 2016.’