We are incredibly lucky at HorseBack to have occasional visits from Aimee Holtom.

Aimee is trained in the art of photography, and her talent and vision produce some ravishing pictures. This is wonderful for us since the images are not only dazzling in their own right, but bring to vivid life what our veterans experience when they come here.

Many people take photographs, but the true photographer sees the telling expression, captures the decisive moment, never overlooks what Cartier-Bresson called the little human detail. It is in those little human details that the great stories are told. (And, of course, in our case, in the little equine details too.)

We can’t thank Aimee enough for so generously giving us her time. She’s taken a glorious series of pictures over the last couple of weeks, and we will post them here over the next few days. We’d love it if you would share them, and if you do, we’d particularly like you to do it with an attribution. Aimee does not put a copyright on the photographs she takes for HorseBack, but we think it is very important that her name is on them. Credit where it is due.