1. Will I have to share my room with someone else in the accommodation?

HorseBack UK has two separate sites for accommodation purposes. When you initially attend you will be accommodated at Smiddy Hill which can sleep up to twelve people. Our other accommodation, which is reserved for Strikers, sleeps up to four people. All our accommodation is shared and has shared facilities (bathrooms, kitchen etc).

2. Do I have to provide my own bed linen and towels?

At both sites clean fresh bed linen and towels are provided by HorseBack UK.

3. Can I bring my pets with me?

We do not allow any pets in the accommodation unless it is an assistance dog. Prior to bringing any animal to site, you must get permission confirmed by a member of the HorseBack UK Team.

4. How do I get from the accommodation to the main site at Ferrar if I haven’t got a car?

You will be collected from the accommodation and transported to and from the main site at Ferrar.

5. Are meals provided or do I have to buy my own?

Whilst you are on the course, HorseBack UK will provide you with a lunch. Ingredients are provided in order that you can cook an evening meal and provisions are given to you for Breakfast. If you require any additional items to those we have provided you with then these can be purchased locally at your own cost.

6. Is there WIFI available at the accommodation?

There are no WIFI facilities at either sites of accommodation. There are facilities at the main site at Ferrar. If you require access to WIFI then you will be provided the details to access the system.

7. Will I be able to bring someone with me or invite friends to stay whilst I’m there?

Unless you are bringing a registered carer with you then HorseBack UK does not allow anyone other than course attendees to stay in the accommodation.

8. Are there any laundry facilities available?

Yes. There is a washing machine and tumble dryer at Smiddy Hill and a washing machine at the Stables Cottage.

9. What sort of kit do I need to bring with me?

Prior to attending a course you will be provided with a set of Joining Instructions which provides information about the course and what items you will need to bring with you.

10. Does HorseBack give me a uniform?

No we do not provide a uniform. However, we do carry a limited amount of merchandise which you can purchase from the main site at Ferrar.

11. How long does each day generally run from and to?

We generally start at 9.15am and run until 4-5pm depending on the type of activity you are taking part in.

12. Is it just horse riding or are there other things I can do whilst I am there?

No we offer more than horse riding. There are other activities arranged for you in the afternoons such as fishing, falconry, bush craft and gliding. However, if there is something you would really like to do during your stay with us, let a member of the team know and we will try to accommodate you.

13. What happens if I am ill whilst I am away from home?

HorseBack UK enjoys excellent relationships with the local doctors and dentists and usually we are able to get you a same day appointment. When you come to stay with us always make sure you have a list of any medication you are taking, a note of your local GP’s details and some form of identification.

14. Are there regular breaks during the day?

Yes. We are very mindful of the ‘pace’ that we run our courses and we run at a pace that is comfortable for everyone. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided throughout the day for your comfort.

15. What time will I finish on Friday?

We aim to get everyone away by 2pm in the afternoon. However, if you have to catch a train or get to the airport earlier we will ensure that you are transported in good time in order to catch your flight or train.

16. Will there be the opportunity to ride every day?

HorseBack UK courses follow a set structure and theme. This means that you will not be able to ride straight away. We teach Western Style Horsemanship which is very different from the English style of teaching and riding, so even though you may have some previous experience of riding, we take you through a comprehensive programme which allows you to build and gain trust from the horses you will be working with.

17. Will my carer be able to join in on the course?

The courses are specifically designed for both serving and ex-military personnel and the emphasis is on their needs, aims and objectives. It is therefore not normal practice to allow carers to get involved with the course. However carers are encouraged to help the HorseBack Team throughout the week with various chores including meal preparation for the course attendees.

18. Are there any activities planned for the evenings?

There is no structured programme in place for evening activities. However, dependant on the size of the group and general consensus, activities can be arranged.

19. Are there any opportunities to do further courses?

Progression is an integral part of the HorseBack ethos and further opportunities will be discussed on an individual basis when you are on the course.

20. Will HorseBack UK assist with travel costs?

HorseBack UK is a charity and unfortunately we are not in a position to assist with travel costs.