A great day at HorseBack today, as our mentors’ course came to a triumphant end and was crowned with the arrival of Glen Tanar’s head ranger, Eric Baird, to present our mighty group with John Muir awards. Eric gave a very inspiring speech, managing to quote both Churchill and F Scott Fitzgerald. He said that he was honoured to be able to present the awards to these veterans, who have worked so hard and come so far.

We will write more about the course itself, and the tremendous John Muir trust, next week. For now, as this grand week comes to a close, we take all our HorseBack hats off to these veterans. They have grown in confidence, discovered new skills, revived old talents, and overcome adversity to get where they are today. We stand in awe of their courage and resolution.

Their sense of excitement as they look forward to returning over the coming season and supporting and mentoring other veterans on the regular courses is palpable. The thought of helping others is giving them a feeling of purpose and mission. We salute them all.