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Twenty-four hours ago, HorseBack UK co-founder Emma Hutchison put out an appeal on our Facebook page for rugs as we faced our seventh straight day of torrential rain, with more to come.


What happened next rather blew our minds.


A hundred thousand people viewed that post, and it was shared over seven hundred times. We thought that people would be preoccupied with their own weather troubles, but the offers of help came pouring in. Those who did not have spare rugs made donations and others came up with brilliant ideas to solve the problem. Because the rain has not let up for moment, the old, patched rugs become inundated and chill the horses instead of keeping them dry and warm. Nearly all the horses much prefer the freedom of being out in the fields, even in such weather as this, so it was imperative to keep them well-rugged. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, that problem is on the way to being solved.


We have never had such a response to any post, and we are in a state of grateful disbelief. If ever we needed our faith in human nature bolstered, we got it yesterday. Words are inadequate to express how moved we are, and how overwhelmed by your kindness and goodness. Thank you all.

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