Help us raise funds towards a horsebox for HorseBack UK

Our year is off to a hoofing (fantastic) start – we won the Soldiering On Award and Help for Heroes awarded us with a grant that will help us put a LOT more Veterans through our three-week programme.

But here’s the deal: we still have to raise slightly under 200K to pay for operation and maintenance of the farm, logistics, transportation, accommodation and much more. One of our most urgent needs is a horsebox; something like this:

used 6 hoorse HGB Horsebox

Six horse HGV horsebox with a living cabin

New ones cost a fortune, so we’re being realistic and looking to buy a used one that’s in good working condition. It will allow us to safely transport horses to the nearby estate where the courses take place, go to other fundraising events and participate in other training programmes.

Be 1 of 10,000: donate £1, share 1 time, tag 1 other person

This week we’re launching “1 of 10,000” campaign to help us raise money towards such immediate needs. We have 10,000 fans (or thereabout) on our Facebook page. We ask for just £1.00 from each fan. We know that not everyone will see the campaign, so we ask that when you donate the £1.00 you please share this post once and tag one other friend.


Where to donate just £1 towards our new (used) Horsebox

You can donate through Virgin Money Giving page by clicking “Make a Donation”  button that looks like this: 


Help us spread the word – who has a horsebox to sell at a discount?

We promise to keep you posted about the progress. We’re also going to search for individuals or organisations who might have a used horsebox that they could source at a discount or give away even – that would be a miracle! So watch this space and help us spread the word.

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