We endeavour to integrate serving personnel and veterans into the rural community inspiring a meaningful and rewarding future

HorseBack UK

There is something about the outside of a horse that it is good for the inside of a man

Winston Churchill

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying

Tony Robbins

What We Do

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment to aid the recovery of servicemen and women who have suffered either physical or mental injuries as a result of their commitment to their country.

How You Can Help

If you would like to arrange a fundraising event in aid of HorseBack UK we would be delighted to hear from you. Just complete the fundraising form and return it to us and we will get back to you!

Corporate Programme

HorseBack UK has developed a parallel corporate programme focused on bringing together the business and military communities. By using the principles of both military life and horsemanship to teach leadership and team-building.

Welcome to HorseBack UK

HorseBack UK is a charity which has been created to provide a safe and secure environment to aid those serving, or those who have served in the UK armed forces.


An introduction to HorseBack UK

If you would like to attend one of our courses please call us now on:

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  • Hats off to Anna Haag.

      This may be the greatest fund-raising idea yet. (It may be the best fund-raising idea ever.) Anna Haag is our new heroine. Thank you, Anna.  

  • Peopleton Brook

    Peopleton Brook, as many regular readers will know, is a bit of a poster boy for HorseBack. Many of our veterans see a parallel between his story and theirs. He was a hard-working sprinter, running in almost eighty races, before injury put paid to his career. Sprinters are sometimes hard to rehome, as they are […]

  • A heartfelt HorseBack thank you.

      Twenty-four hours ago, HorseBack UK co-founder Emma Hutchison put out an appeal on our Facebook page for rugs as we faced our seventh straight day of torrential rain, with more to come.   What happened next rather blew our minds.   A hundred thousand people viewed that post, and it was shared over seven […]

  • Storm Frank

    Thank you to everyone who has asked whether HorseBack has survived the drastic floods. Although we are far enough away from the River to be safe from the damage it has caused, we do however take the brunt of the rainfall coming off the hill at the rear of the farm.  Unfortunately the quantity of […]

  • Last Christmas Testimonials

    I have been going to Horseback since the beginning and having horses of my own and knowing how they helped me on my own recovery. I knew how they could help others in similar situations. Very proud to been a small part of the Horseback journey. As part of my ALIVE journey with Veterans In […]

  • HorseBack Criteria

    A lot of people ask what the qualifications are for coming to HorseBack. All you need is to be serving or have served in the British Armed Forces. We do assess whether attendees are at a safe stage in their recovery, but aside from that there is no physical barrier. It does not matter whether […]

  • Christmas Testimonials

    Here are some more Christmas testimonials from HorseBack veterans. Some of the messages have come from people who know HorseBack well, and some from those who have only recently come on their first course. This is from one of the latter: ‘Horseback, even after Phase 1, has started to instil self-confidence again, something I lost […]

  • Christmas Testimonials

    This week we put out a special Christmas appeal to those who had been on our courses, to talk a little bit about what HorseBack meant to them. It’s always much, much better to get the veterans in their own words. The response was very wonderful. Here is the first message that came winging its way […]

  • Help from Gavin Hastings

    We were very lucky to have Gavin Hastings at HorseBack for our leadership day. He has probably forgotten more about leading than most people will ever know. He is a great supporter of the work we do here, and the plan is that he will become more involved in this side of our work, which […]

  • Leadership Day

    What, you may wonder, can six high-powered business executives learn from leading muddy winter horses round an indoor school? For that is what was happening at HorseBack today. It turns out that there are profound lessons in this simple exercise. At HorseBack, we think of leadership as a complex, authentic thing. It is not a […]

  • Leadership Day

    What, you may wonder, can six high-powered business executives learn from leading muddy winter horses round an indoor school? For that is what was happening at HorseBack today. It turns out that there are profound lessons in this simple exercise. At HorseBack, we think of leadership as a complex, authentic thing. It is not a […]

  • Great Excitement

    So it could be said that HorseBack vehicles are like buses, there are either none at all or they come in twos. We are very excited to show off our new truck and tractor. The tractor has been very kindly funded by Andrew Bole in response to the very sad picture of our old and […]

  • A tremendous morning.

      Civil servants generally don’t get parades thrown for them. They are more likely to be greeted with sideways glances and Sir Humphrey jokes. However, we’ve seen quite a few civil servants over the years at HorseBack and what is most striking about them all is the laser-sharp intelligence. They absorb information with amazing rapidity […]

  • Twiglet Comes of Age

    We love a success story at HorseBack and Twiglet today passed her first big test with flying colours. She is a home-bred, and when we started working with her she was spirited to the point of wildness. There was even some doubt as to whether she might prove suitable as a course horse. Working with […]

  • Our very own Modern Apprentice

    Today, HorseBack’s own Becky is taking another step along the road to her NVQ. She is working for a qualification in stable management and riding. Becky first came to us as part of our Youth Initiative, which was developed in partnership with Colin Nichol of Banchory Academy. The idea was to invent a course for […]

  • Two thoroughbreds, two veterans.

    Here you can see two thoroughbreds, both bred and trained to be elite athletes in high-octane sports, working at liberty with two ex-servicemen, trained to lead at the highest level with the Royal Marines. One of the things we love at HorseBack is exploding stereotypes. We particularly enjoy working with these thoroughbreds because they mirror […]

  • International Raptor Research And Conservation Raise Funds for HorseBack UK

    The Path of the Peregrine Ride from Glencoe to Glenisla Stewart and Jo are planning to ride two highland ponies from Glencoe, leaving on the 23rd September. The route crosses some of the wildest and most remote places in the Scottish mountains. Apart from two ponies, they are taking two dogs and a peregrine falcon […]

  • Breaking News – The Grand Day Out Golf Day

    Breaking News – The Grand Day Out Golf Day 2016 on Friday 10th June at The Duke’s Course St Andrews will be in support of the unique HorseBack UK Charity. We are delighted to be working with them over the next twelve months. For more information please visit: Website

  • Success At The Cairn ‘O’ Mount Challenge

    The Cairn O’Mount challenge was organised by our own Ian Wren. Ian’s tireless fund-raising efforts are what keep the wheels of HorseBack turning. His mind is never still; he is constantly thinking of new and imaginative ways to keep the cash rolling in. He has the gift of inspiring his growing band of volunteers and […]