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HorseBack UK uses horsemanship to inspire recovery, regain self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose and community to the wounded, injured and sick of the military community




We endeavour to integrate serving personnel and veterans into the rural community inspiring a meaningful and rewarding future

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There is something about the outside of a horse that it is good for the inside of a man

Winston Churchill

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying

Tony Robbins

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Our dauntless fund-raising manager, Ian Wren, is just back from a reunion with his old regiment, 16 Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery. As well as having a good old catch-up, the comrades held an auction which raised over a thousand pounds for our work at HorseBack. We are so grateful and so impressed by such an act of generosity. Our courses are now in full swing and many veterans will come through the HorseBack gates over the next few months on their road to recovery. Donations like this one make such a difference to the help we can give them. We thank everyone who contributed. As Ian says, they are a real band of brothers.

Sadly, there is no photograph to show you of the grand reunion. Instead, we've found the perfect shot to demonstrate how we feel when we get news like this. It is of a visiting veteran dancing with a member of the HorseBack team. That was a very happy day. Here's to many more.

#veterans #recovery #generosity #thankyou ...

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A meeting of the Titans!!! Shetland Pony Jack and Miniature Horse Patrick. Not sure who is more annoying ...

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A very special Scottish visitor has gone to London to see the Queen. ...


The famous mascot of The Royal Regiment of Scotland has arrived at Hyde Park Barracks to get acquainted with London life.

Cruachan IV, who is a nine hands high Shetland Pony, is set to lead out the Fifth Battalion of Royal Regiment of Scotland at Buckingham Palace on The Queen's Guard later this month.

For now the feisty equine is making friends with his The Household Cavalry contemporaries.

The nine-year-old has taken up a stable next to Adamas, a 17.1 hands high drum horse, and they have struck up a friendly relationship.

Pony Major Mark Wilkinson, of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, said: "Cruachan and Adamas have been good together. The big guy keeps looking over to see what's going on but they're getting on well."

The soldier added: "It's an honour and a privilege to come down for Queen's Guard.

"Cruachan IV is an old sweat on parades - he's done five Edinburgh Tattoos, Royal Visits at Balmoral and the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

"But he's never been to Buckingham Palace to parade for The Queen, so he will be on his best behaviour and will represent the Army well."

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  • Exciting New Developments at HorseBack UK

    These are exciting times at HorseBack UK. We are on the way to become an accredited centre for the Scottish Qualifications Authority. What this means is that we will be able to offer our veterans an official qualification, one that is internationally recognised. This is more than a piece of paper. The team from Creo […]

  • Scottish veterans’ charity at the heart of an extraordinary national year-long campaign to mark the First World War centenary

    Horseback UK, a Scottish charity that uses horsemanship to inspire recovery, regain self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose and community to the wounded injured and sick of the military community is at the centre of a national year-long fundraising campaign “We Remember Them”. The name of the campaign is inspired by the Laurence Binyon […]

  • Repsol Sinopec Resources UK announces Charities of the Year and pledges its support

    We are thrilled to announce that HorseBack UK has become a Charity of the Year with Repsol Sinopec Resources UK. The company announced that throughout 2017 it will be supporting Horseback UK, Alzheimer Scotland and the Forget-Me-Not Club, and has committed to matching funds raised by its staff up to a grand total of £25,000. […]

  • A newborn filly with royal connections

    We are delighted to announce that our mare, Chexys Gold, gave birth to a filly on the 8th  of May 2017. What is even more exciting is that the healthy newborn is the daughter of Balmoral Hercules who is one of the Queen’s horses. Chexy, an American Quarter Horse competed in the discipline of reining […]

  • HorseHour Podcast Interview

    Last month, Jock was invited to record a HorseHour Podcast interview with Amy Stevens, the host of the number 1 equestrian podcast. We were properly excited about the opportunity; none of us has given a podcast interview before and especially to one with so many listeners worldwide! Unfortunately, just a few days before the interview […]

  • Join our “1 of 10,000” Campaign!

    Help us raise funds towards a horsebox for HorseBack UK Our year is off to a hoofing (fantastic) start – we won the Soldiering On Award and Help for Heroes awarded us with a grant that will help us put a LOT more Veterans through our three-week programme. But here’s the deal: we still have […]

  • HorseBack UK wins national Soldiering On Award in the Animal Partnership category

    A pioneering Aberdeenshire charity has won the prestigious Soldiering On Award in the Animal Partnership category for helping members of the UK armed forces recover from mental and physical injuries through horsemanship and outdoor activities. The Soldiering On Awards provide national recognition for the outstanding achievements of those who have served their country and individuals […]

  • Another Christmas Testimonial

    Our next Christmas testimonial. (It’s starting to feel as if we should put in a partridge in a pear tree at this point.) The really lovely thing about gathering these all together is the cumulative power of them. They show, more vividly than any of our words ever could, the power of hope and the possibility […]

  • A Tremendous Partnership.

    One of the great things about the last year at HorseBack is that we have been extending our reach beyond the veteran community. Our wounded veterans will always be at the heart of everything we do. They were the inspiration behind the charity and remain its guiding force. But it’s been really exciting to see […]

  • The elements of HorseBack.

    This week sees the end of another dazzling course. We feel that we have been breaking out every positive adjective in the book lately, but each group this year seems to have got better and better. It’s not just that the new three week structure for the courses has enabled our veterans to hone and […]

  • We take having fun seriously

    If you had walked through the HorseBack gates this week, you would have seen men on horses, slouching in their Western saddles like something out of The Magnificent Seven, laughing their heads off. You would have heard the sound of banter and unrepeatable jokes. You would have seen serious drills and hilarious horsing games. That […]

  • New partnerships and old friends.

    It’s been a great week at HorseBack. We had some very special visitors, who will be part of some mighty plans for the future. It’s always a great pleasure, building new partnerships, expanding our scope, and working with people who have so much knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise. Jay Hare did a presentation, Jock and Emma […]

  • The HorseBack challenge.

    The horses at HorseBack are not dozy old riding school ponies. They are serious horses. Although they are rigorously schooled and comprehensively educated for this work, there is nothing push-button about them. They are all individual characters, and they sometimes have their moments. One of them had such a moment this morning. He did not […]

  • The gift of time.

    One of the best innovations at HorseBack over the last year has been extending the courses from one week to three. The weeks are staggered, so that, for instance, this group now doing their Phase Two will come back in September for their Phase Three. This has achieved several things. First of all there is […]

  • The art of the possible.

    At HorseBack, we are always looking to try something new. We constantly want to widen our horizons, expand our scope, and generally keep ourselves on our toes. Sometimes, we get lucky and the stars align and a novel opportunity is presented to us. This happened recently when we met Nick, whom you can see in […]

  • A warrior goes to the games.

    One of our regular volunteer veterans sends us a message. He is just off to the Warrior Games, held this year at West Point in America. ‘I’m doing cycling, shot and discus,’ he writes. This is from a gentleman whose crashing Post-Traumatic Stress once produced in him so much rage and denial that he felt […]

  • The archers.

    This week, we decided to do something a little different at HorseBack UK. We were very lucky to have with us Dan and Claire Sawyer from the British Horseback Archery Association. They have been great friends and supporters of our work, and now they arrived to run a course in archery. The assembled group included […]

  • All they want to do is talk about the horses.

    The HorseBack horses do many, many things for the humans who work with them. It’s much more than simply getting on and riding. This week, we had a group of veterans starting their Phase One of a new course. Many of them had never encountered horses before; some had ridden, but not in the Western […]

  • The Youth Initiative makes us proud.

    Our Youth Initiative course came back to HorseBack this week. It has been one of our great success stories, and we are very proud of all the young people who have made such great strides. The difference we see in our students is immense. Many of them arrive with little confidence and not much enthusiasm. […]

  • The new course gets off to a flying start.

    Sometimes, the stars align and a new course simply takes off. Everything falls into place. This week, that happened. We had a Phase One with an entirely new group of veterans. Most of them had never sat on a horse before, and they did not really know what to expect. By this morning, they were […]